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Read what our clients think about us.

Costas Agapitos
Hunters Estate Agents

Hunters Estate Agent.png

Hunters Estate Agents on Ecclesall Road have been working with Karen at Bijou Relocation for the last 4 years. During these years, Karen has really looked after all the properties Bijou Relocation rent from us and the rent has always been paid on time. She's great to work with and really proactive. Highly recommended.

Mr. F. Hussani

"I met Karen through an Estate Agent that I use for my tenant finds. She explained how the company let would work and how I would have my rent every month without fail. 
I liked that her client base were mostly NHS working professionals and my HMO near the hospital's fit in with that. 
Karen has consistently paid the rent each month, deals with any repairs and gives me my time back without any of the hassle of being a landlord."

Paul Griffin 
 Belvoir Sheffield

Belvoir! Logo.png

"Karen Hodgson at Bijou Relocation is great, really attentive and looks after all of the properties that we rent to her. We have worked with her for the past 4 years and as a company let we never have an issue with rent payments or the condition of the properties. She is a pleasure to work with and a long standing trustworthy tenant of ours"

Mr. A. Francelli 

"Working with Karen has made my life as a landlord so much easier. She takes care of everything from Gas Servicing Certificates, sorting repairs and keeping the HMO clean with her lovely cleaners. 

Initially I was concerned about working with a company let but Karen at Bijou Relocation has proven that it's a great option for me. She goes over everything with me and I especially like her experience in housing. It's hands free on my side and I receive my monthly rent on time. I know that my HMO is being well looked after with Karen and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Karen is such an attentive landlady and any issues that come up (there are few) she is quick to respond and sort it out.

Sandi B

I have been working with Karen of Bijou Relocation now for the last 2.5 years on behalf of my HMO Landlords via company let agreements in Sheffield.

I have used her on two of my managed HMO properties.

Karen has proved herself to be incredibly reliable with her consistent, on time rental payments. and I am always confident in recommending her to other agents and landlords for company lets.

Each property that I have rented to Bijou Relocation has always been well looked after, and well maintained.

Bijou Relocation guarantees fortnightly cleans, guaranteed rent, long term lets and reassurance to me and my landlords.

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