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We work directly with landlords to provide excellent HMO management services that minimise the risks to your assets. 

Residential Houses

When we take over the management of your property, we treat your property as if it’s one of our own.  As experienced investors, we know what is important to you as a Landlord, and we go out of our way to ensure the service we provide is like something you have never experienced. We guarantee your rent every single month for the duration of the agreement, we cover all void periods and don’t charge you a monthly fee.

We understand that managing HMO's can be hugely time consuming and with high ongoing costs- we understand that landlords want to eliminate risks as much as possible-  Bijou Relocation Ltd aims to give you - 

Eliminate Risk

No more dealing with tenants not paying. Evictions - no more dealing with ongoing eviction issues


Confidence in knowing that you income is paid on time every month. 
No monthly charges or tenant find fees.

Repairs & Maintenance

We provide your repairs and maintenance as well as keeping your property up to date with all HMO regulations.

Our Assurance to Landlords

  • Full rent payable even when your property is empty

  • 1 to 5-year management agreements

  • Regular property inspections

  • Full maintenance service

  • Prompt electronic monthly rental payment via BACS

  • No legal fees to obtain vacant possession

  • Property returned in its original or better condition

  • Over 20 years experience in the housing industry and 4 years specialising in HMO's

Landlord Testimonals

"Working with Karen has made my life as a landlord so much easier. She takes care of everything from Gas Servicing Certificates, sorting repairs and keeping the HMO clean with her lovely cleaners. 
Initially, I was concerned about working with a company let but Karen at Bijou Relocation has proven that it's a great option for me. She goes over everything with me and I especially like her experience in housing. It's hands free on my side and I receive my monthly rent on time. I know that my HMO is being well looked after with Karen and I look forward to working with her for many years to come."

- Mr. A. Francelli

"I met Karen through an Estate Agent that I use for my tenant finds. She explained how the company let would work and how I would have my rent every month without fail. 
I liked that her client base were mostly NHS working professionals and my HMO near the hospital fit in with that. 
Karen has consistently paid the rent each month, deals with any repairs and gives me my time back without any of the hassle of being a landlord."

- Mr. F. Hussani

Assurance to landlods
Landlord Testimonals
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