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Estate Agents

We work directly with agents and have great longstanding working relationships with some of Sheffield's prime agencies.

Who we work with:

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We become the tenant of your agency with a company let agreement with you acting on behalf of the landlord (see our great reviews of this).


We are your Tenant Find and become the tenant direct with your landlord whilst still paying you your agents fees

Proven Methods

Excellent track record and great ongoing relationships with some of Sheffield's prime agents. With 20 years experience in the housing industry and excellent ongoing relationships with Sheffield agents


Consistently pay rent on time plus rental insurances in place. You keep all of your normal fees such as tenant find fee, admin fees, reference fees, and on-going management fees. We work with you and not in competition with you!

Shared Goal

We share your goal – to keep the property owner happy, to take care of the property, and ensure tenant safety.

How We Work

Whether you're looking for a Tenant Find or a long term, reliable tenant for your landlord's property Bijou Relocation Ltd is suitable for both. We have longstanding company let agreements with Sheffield agents with the shared goal of providing excellent service to the landlord.


You the agent will have a quick and easy lettings process with us as we provide all relevant documents and proofs promptly. Agreements and references are checked and confirmed before signing and we ensure that all agent fees are paid when invoiced.

Real estate


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"Karen Hodgson at Bijou Relocation is great, really attentive and looks after all of the properties that we rent to her. We have worked with her for the past 4 years and as a company let we never have an issue with rent payments or the condition of the properties. She is a pleasure to work with and a long standing trustworthy tenant of ours"

- Paul Griffin - Portfolio Manager, Belvoir Sheffield

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"Hunters Estate Agents on Ecclesall Road have been working with Karen at Bijou Relocation for the last 4 years. During these years, Karen has really looked after all the properties Bijou Relocation rent from us and the rent has always been paid on time. She's great to work with and really proactive. Highly recommended."

- Costas Agapitos - Lettings Manager, Hunters Estate Agents

How we work
Estate Agents Testimonials
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